“Live” Ranking of the Anime This Season [END]

Something new I thought of doing because I’m honestly having a blast with this new anime season, is a “live” ranking of my favorite series… at least up until the fourth episode where it should be pretty obvious which anime… Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 Season Awards

For better or worse, Summer 2017 is finally at an end and it’s time to name the winners and losers of it. This season made it pretty easy to distinguish the must watch series from the don’t touch with a… Continue Reading →

Death Note and Ghost in the Shell: Whitewashing in American Live-Action Adaptations

Unless you’re an isolated monk in the mountains flogging yourself for even thinking about having any earthly human connection, then you’ve most likely have at least heard about the latest teaser for the Death Note live-action adaptation. It’s hard to… Continue Reading →

Anime = Food

Out of the countless conversations I’ve had with friends because I’m the epitome of popularity, there’s one that will always stick out in my mind for numerous reasons. One Tuesday evening (or at least I think it was Tuesday) I… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday: Spooky Edition

Hello all. I know that the weekly segments have been missing for several weeks now and that’s mostly due to me picking up some more subbing work as well as just getting busy with my main job as well. But… Continue Reading →

Congrats J.C. Staff on your 30th year!

Ok JC Staff, I’ve hated on you a lot in the past, but to be fair, you gave me a lot of reason to. With each good series you produced, you produced ten more that were infinitely worse. You kept… Continue Reading →

How much of a little bitch is Natsuki Subaru?

This goes without saying, but… SPOILERS Probably not the most graceful title I’ve ever written, but this question is constantly on my mind because I honestly can’t decide one way or the other. Because of this dilemma I’ve decided that… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday Week 21: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Welcome back to another Memory Monday, the weekly segment that never gets old even though the series featured here might. I doubt there are any newcomers to this segment, but just in case you are, Memory Monday is a weekly… Continue Reading →

Fighting Fridays Week 19

Welcome back to another glorious week of Fighting Fridays, the segment that just keeps on kicking. For those new to the segment, it’s a weekly feature where I select ten of my favorite fights from anime. The fights aren’t ranked… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday Week 20: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Welcome back to another Memory Monday, the weekly segment that never gets old even though the series featured here might. For those just joining the segment here in week 20, Memory Monday is a weekly segment where I take an… Continue Reading →

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