Yep you read that right, an anime for the 2010 PSP game is coming out and it’s going to be done by not ufotable but… SHAFT. I mean, it’s not really something to be too excited about because ufotable is actually the god of animation right now, but Shaft is a very good second choice. Why? Because Shaft is honestly one of the if not the most creative and unique studio while also boasting some of the greatest quality in the industry. For those of you unfamiliar with Fate/Extra, it’s best to think of it as a spin-off/”what if” kind of story line. While it takes place during the same time as the events in Fate/Stay Night, the overall story line is different. Before you dismiss this as Type Moon just milking their series, I’d say you shouldn’t write it off just yet. Type Moon has yet to produce a bad product when working with capable animation studios (the original F/SN anime never existed). I for one am excited to see what Shaft will bring to the table with Fate/Extra. I have no doubt that it’ll be good because unlike some other great animation studios, Shaft is pretty consistent in the quality of shows they pick up. Maybe it won’t be ufotable good, but definitely above average.