“Who are you guys?”

We’re two friends with a superiority complex who enjoy talking about the hours of our meager lives that we willingly burn away watching anime. We finally followed through and made an anime blog together to act as a platform to the masses. Coming up with occasionally funny ways of complaining about garbage anime while occasionally celebrating the good ones is what truly breathes meaning into our lives.


“What’s up with the name?”

The name was mostly inspired by the title of The Glitch Mob’s Animus Vox. Not only is it a bomb-ass song, but it allowed us to come up with a name that perfectly aligned with what we had in mind when we set out to make this site. Vox is a word that is often seen as part of the Latin phrase vox populi, which literally translates to “voice of the people.”

Even if the number of people as of now is no more than two, the point is that we’re nothing more than two normal nerds with a blog to broadcast our normal nerd opinions to whoever is willing to read them.