Death Note and Ghost in the Shell: Whitewashing in American Live-Action Adaptations

Unless you’re an isolated monk in the mountains flogging yourself for even thinking about having any earthly human connection, then you’ve most likely have at least heard about the latest teaser for the Death Note live-action adaptation. It’s hard to… Continue Reading →

Anime = Food

Out of the countless conversations I’ve had with friends because I’m the epitome of popularity, there’s one that will always stick out in my mind for numerous reasons. One Tuesday evening (or at least I think it was Tuesday) I… Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Like Re:Zero

Anyone who’s made the conscious decision to swallow their self-respect and watch anime has at the very least heard of this title over the past few months. Re:Zero is undoubtedly the most popular ongoing series (that isn’t named Naruto or One Piece)… Continue Reading →

Letter to My Past Self About Pokemon Go

Dear Slightly Younger Self,   I hope this letter finds you in good health in spirits. How are you? Just kidding, I already know the answer to that. If my calculations and research based off watching Back to the Future… Continue Reading →

Kuroko no Basket’s Generation of Miracles and Their NBA Counterparts

Kuroko no Basket is a fantastic bridge that connects two of my all-time hobbies–basketball and watching anime. I’ve been doing both for as long as I can remember since I was a wee little booger-eater, and they’ve become ingrained within… Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Shokugeki no Soma

Excuse me while I come in fashionably late to the party. Shokugeki no Soma is an anime I watched sparsely here and there with my cousin when it was ongoing. I never watched it from beginning to end—not because I… Continue Reading →

Mareep’s Winter 2016 Review

I might be a tad late to the party for this one, but after I spent all of that time that could have been spent doing significantly more worthwhile ventures, it’s fair that I weigh in and reflect on what… Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Bakemono no Ko

Before I jump right into this post, I just want to preface it with the fact that I’m a huge fan of Mamoru Hosoda’s works. For the unfamiliar, this brilliant man has directed and created widely popular films such as Summer… Continue Reading →

Mareep’s Best of 2015

2015 marked yet another dot on the canvas for the history of anime. While I struggled to wade through the sea of mediocre shit excuses for forgettable storylines and characters, there were a handful of gems to be found that… Continue Reading →

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