Two big things happened today. The bleach manga ended (yay) and in its wake, a live action movie was announced (fuck). Seriously, stop. The author of Bleach already dragged the series through the mud, beat it half to death, threw it into his trunk, drove the car off a cliff into a vat of combustible materials, set fire to it, then dropped a nuke on it for good measure. Because of the way that Bleach has been for the majority of its life span now, it’s difficult to say that it was even good. The last time it was good, I was still but a young’un and Tite Kubo’s art style was still a little less refined. The only possible redemption for the movie is that it’s being directed by the same guy who did the “Gantz” movie, so maybe it’ll turn out okay but who knows…


Gantz movie

I can only imagine that they’ll be getting a Japanese actor to play Chad and change his entire story to one of a kid getting bullied instead of him coming all the way from Mexico to Japan to start fresh in a foreign land. The movie’s definitely gonna be incredibly cheesy, very reliant on weird CG and action scenes, and bad acting. Is the film industry in Japan really that desperate for material that it’d dumpster dive for Bleach? They’d be better off making another Rurouni Kenshin movie ‘cuz at least those were good. Any action anime based in fantasy that’s been adapted into a live action movie has a very low success rate and I can’t imagine that Bleach will do any better.

Originally found on Kotaku