Season Reflections

Our thoughts on the majority of anime per season

“Live” Ranking of the Anime This Season [END]

Something new I thought of doing because I’m honestly having a blast with this new anime season, is a “live” ranking of my favorite series… at least up until the fourth episode where it should be pretty obvious which anime… Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 Season Awards

For better or worse, Summer 2017 is finally at an end and it’s time to name the winners and losers of it. This season made it pretty easy to distinguish the must watch series from the don’t touch with a… Continue Reading →

Spring 2016 Season Review

Yep, Spring ended quite a while ago, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t on my mind and I don’t want to review it. There were a lot of huge fails and successes coming out of Spring 2016, but… Continue Reading →

Mareep’s Winter 2016 Review

I might be a tad late to the party for this one, but after I spent all of that time that could have been spent doing significantly more worthwhile ventures, it’s fair that I weigh in and reflect on what… Continue Reading →

Winter 2016 Season Review

A bit delayed, but it’s finally here. If you were interested in how the series from last season stacked up, you’re gonna love this list. Before we get into it, I just want to say that some of the series… Continue Reading →

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