Not necessarily the newest piece of news out there, but… still hype nonetheless (or is it?).

The new 5 episode series animated by A-1 pictures aims to provide some backstory to the game’s upcoming release. You can see a side by side comparison of the anime vs the game on kotaku here. Personally I think a comparison is cool to do but pretty stupid because unless they’re pulling an Advent Children and doing CG and shit. I do have to say that I’m surprised that they chose a more anime style to portray the backstory rather than a more detailed animation method that’s closer to the game’s animation style. This kind of disconnect isn’t a horrible thing to do because if it was done intentionally to draw an obvious line between the backstory and the actual game, then it’s not the worst move they could have made. I do think they could’ve chosen a better studio than A-1 pictures, but oh well. You can see for yourself if it stacks up to your own expectations of what a FFXV anime should look like or not by watching the video above.