Welcome back to another Memory Monday, the weekly segment that never gets old even though the series featured here might. For those just joining the segment here in week 20, Memory Monday is a weekly segment where I take an anime that aired 4+ years ago and talk about it. Memory Monday is purely for nostalgic purposes and is in no way a review. I just pick at some general points that made the show memorable to me and try to convince you to watch it or not to watch it.

This week’s pick is Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

There will be NO spoilers this week.

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 4/2

Time: 25 minutes per episode

Personal rating: 8/6

I’m not finding any official links for the series online unfortunately 🙁


Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan is a one in a kind of series, a classic. Most people might know it indirectly by its iconic opening or just by the great amount of violence mixed with ecchi that its comedy derives from. Either way, Dokuro-chan is a unique series that I cannot and never will forget because it gave me one of the best times in my life. Even though the series is short, there’s never a shortage of laughs.

What It’s About:

Bokustatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan is an anime where an angel comes from the future to stick around a guy named Kusakabe Sakura whose future self apparently makes it so that all girls are unable to grow past the ripe age of thirteen, effectively making a lolicon paradise. It’s up to Dokuro and her magical bat Excaliborg to set him straight.


A bloody good time

Dokuro-chan features a number of things, one of which is straight up violence, mostly at the expense of the main character, Kusakabe Sakura. Even though Dokuro was an angel sent to protect him, he’s killed or mortally wounded very frequently in the name of comedic relief. The abuse that goes on in this series is very graphic, so much so that if it were aired in modern day, the majority of the show would be censored. There were scenes where you could actually see organs flying out of the bodies or just falling out of them. The majority of the show is ultra violent for the sake of comedy and though it might sound like that wouldn’t work, it really does. The mixture of humor and violence was extremely well balanced, making it one of my favorite comedies of all time.


Pain, can’t get enough

Of course, Sakura was not the only guy to suffer for the sake of comedy. Most of the characters suffered at the hands of Dokuro ever since she came into the picture. I might phrase it negatively, but all the comedy really comes from the pain inflicted on the characters which are mostly due to Dokuro’s relationships with other characters and overall violent tendencies. Getting to know how each of the characters feel about each other makes the comedy even stronger especially when violence is added to the mix.


Short and to the point

Maybe one of the only regrettable or maybe even a strong point of the show (depends on how you look at it) was how short the series was. Even though it had two seasons,  the first season was only four episodes while the second season had half that number, two. For a series with a total of six episodes, it left one of the biggest impacts on me that any anime has ever left on me before. It’s honestly amazing how well the series was done and how potent the humor was. It’s honestly not every day that you get a burst of comedy in just six short episodes.


Unique Animation

One of the other aspects of Dokuro-chan that really contributed to the humor was the amazing variety of character design that can really only be seen by older anime such as Golden Boy which had a great variety of facial expressions that made situations even more potent than they could have been. Dokuro-chan is no slouch when it comes to unique representations of characters. There’s a character who has a picture of a real life monkey over his face because on the first day of school, Dokuro turns him into a monkey just because she felt like it. For the entire series, he’s just a guy with a monkey’s face and it’s actually pretty funny. Then there are the times where the anime contorts characters’s faces into expressions that just seem very out of the animation studio’s style which ultimately just makes the moment even more hilarious than it otherwise would have been.


Should You Watch It?


If you can ever find the series online, I’d definitely recommend watching it. It’s only six episodes total, four if you only watch the first season, and it’s always fun to watch. Though the type of comedy is repetitive and relatively predictable, it’ll get you laughing more than you ever think it will. I mentioned in a previous post that I wish that Dokuro-chan got another season and I really mean it. There are more than enough light novels to sustain another series, so I’m sure it could work. In any case, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan is a comedic triumph and one that I’d recommend for anyone to see.