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Fighting Fridays: Week 18

Welcome back to another glorious week of Fighting Fridays, the segment that totally gets what you wanna see. Only the best of fights are featured in this weekly segment. Unfortunately, I had to miss last week due to some complications,… Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Like Re:Zero

Anyone who’s made the conscious decision to swallow their self-respect and watch anime has at the very least heard of this title over the past few months. Re:Zero is undoubtedly the most popular ongoing series (that isn’t named¬†Naruto¬†or One Piece)… Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Aria The Avvenire

Aria has been a long time favorite series of mine. Not only do I hold it as one of my favorite anime of all time, but it’s also one of my highly rated series of all time with each of… Continue Reading →

Bleach Live Action…

Two big things happened today. The bleach manga ended (yay) and in its wake, a live action movie was announced (fuck). Seriously, stop. The author of Bleach already dragged the series through the mud, beat it half to death, threw… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday Week 19: Dantalian no Shoka

Welcome back to another glorious Memory Monday, the weekly segment that is hip and cool. For those just joining the segment here in week 19, Memory Monday is a weekly segment where I take an anime that aired 4+ years… Continue Reading →

Fighting Fridays: Week 17

Happy Friday everyone! This Fighting Friday brings in some new titles as well as bringing back some of the regulars from previous lists. For those just getting into this weekly segment, I’ll do a brief rundown of what it’s all… Continue Reading →

Spring 2016 Season Review

Yep, Spring ended quite a while ago, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t on my mind and I don’t want to review it. There were a lot of huge fails and successes coming out of Spring 2016, but… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday Week 18: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Memory Monday rolls into its 18th week with another blast from the past. Just as Ore Imo before it, this week’s pick was a huge hit for a long time in Japan but actually not a bad series! For those… Continue Reading →

Fighting Fridays: Week 16

It’s finally time for Week 16 of Fighting Fridays and this week, I’ve injected some new fight blood into the mix. I’ll admit, I was running out of ideas recently, but this week, I’ve got some new surprises in the… Continue Reading →

SAO American Live Action TV Series

Yeah, you read that right. SAO is getting a live action series and its being made in none other than the land of freedom, apple pie, weebs, and people ignorant to actual anime culture. The live action adaptation of Sword… Continue Reading →

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