Yep, you read that right. There’s gonna be a new FLCL anime made by Production IG and Toonami. You can read all about it here. Many people are of the same opinion that a reboot of the series is wholly unnecessary and I am of the same opinion. FLCL wrapped up perfectly in its four episode span and I can’t see it being done any other way. This isn’t me being closed minded, this is me being certain that if they stretch the series out to the 12 episodes that they planned, they’re gonna put in needless scenes or try to innovate on something that’s already perfectly fine. One of my biggest concerns is the fact that Production IG is involved with this. Their track record with rebooting beloved series is… not too great (Ghost in the shell silently cries in the corner).



It’s definitely possible that the series might be great. But the real questions are, will it reach the same heights as the original? What are they going to do about the music? Will they have the Pillows lend their musical talents once more? Are they going to follow the story perfectly or diverge? Will Production IG pull a Ghost in the shell and change the looks of the characters? There are a lot of unknowns, so it’s difficult to say for sure whether it will be a flop or not, but I’m not holding my breath for a masterpiece. Most people might be readying their pitch forks calling for a stop to the project, but I would like to see it happen. I’m interested to see what they’ll bring to the table, even if it is a less than desirable product. Hopefully, the new series will encourage the unenlightened masses to watch the original and see what anime fans like me and Mareep have been raving about.

Another thing that the FLCL adaptation helps to show is just how desperate the anime industry has become. It’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re running out of hit series to run, so they have to start resorting to reboots of continuation of series (but where my index/railgun at?!). FLCL seems to be the newest victim to the chopping block. All we can do is hope that it turns out ok unlike other reboots.