hai to gensou no grimgar

Fighting Fridays: Week 18

Welcome back to another glorious week of Fighting Fridays, the segment that totally gets what you wanna see. Only the best of fights are featured in this weekly segment. Unfortunately, I had to miss last week due to some complications,… Continue Reading →

Why I watch bad anime

Going off of my previous post of, “The minimal guide to watch the maximum amount of anime,” a good question of “why watch that many when the majority of them suck,” is raised. It’s funny because if I watch a… Continue Reading →

Winter 2016 Season Review

A bit delayed, but it’s finally here. If you were interested in how the series from last season stacked up, you’re gonna love this list. Before we get into it, I just want to say that some of the series… Continue Reading →

Mistakes in anime

Making an anime isn’t easy. Hours upon hours of work go into trying to piece together many different frames of art into one fluid episode. That being said, the amount of focus that should go into ensuring that there aren’t… Continue Reading →

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